Virtual machines

Attain an outstanding overview of everything from manufacturers to models to operating systems.

If a client’s network environment utilizes virtual machines in lieu of actual servers, Overwatch Technology has the veritable virtuosity and versatility to track them as assets and assist you in managing them.

Clients take advantage of all types of pertinent information for an outstanding overview of everything from manufacturers and models to operating systems and online/offline status. Clients will also get the inside line on such sought-after nuggets as log-on history, installed software, and service agreements.

They become IT superheroes by producing asset reports faster than a speeding bullet and tracking disk, processor, memory, and power usage in a single bound. They really wow others by being able to establish remote control connections to servers without batting an eye.

Going with Overwatch Technology for tracking virtual machines as assets is a virtual no-brainer.

  • Get in-depth overview
  • Receive valuable inside information
  • Establish remote control server connections