Traffic Monitoring

Protect against machines talking with botnets or malware and phishing sites.

If a company is unaware that malware has successfully penetrated their firewall and antivirus protection, their network may be in deep trouble. Get the lowdown on comprised machines via up-to-the-minute Traffic Monitoring.

Third-party blacklists are utilized across a network to track down any connections to IP addresses that are known—or suspected—to be botnets, phishing or malware sites. The company will be notified of specific machines that are communicating with “bad guys” so order can be restored. Traffic Monitoring is 100% self-sufficient, relieving an IT department of duties to update or manage blacklists.

Allow Overwatch Technology to help you maximize a company’s knowledge of malware and minimize the damage.

  • Monitor for compromised systems
  • Monitor more systems in less time
  • Automated blacklist updating