Servers Availability

Keep tabs on your server’s responsiveness and available disk space in an effort to reduce downtime.

The Overwatch Technology Availability Management and Monitoring system is downright unforgiving when it comes to downtime, going over your system with a fine-tooth comb—over and over again. And it’s handled both from outside of the network and by other servers in the network, providing thorough availability coverage.

It begins by checking to see if the server is online and responding. From there, it monitors available disk space, ensures the expected services are actually running, looks for errors from the network adapters, and inspects the load on processors and network adapters, benchmarking it against preset thresholds.

As an added bonus, configurations aren’t required for new servers. The system’s intelligent back-end automatically detects which machine the agent is installed on and sets sensible default thresholds—a major time saver. Plus, you can set up email or text message notifications regarding potential issues should they occur while you’re away from your computer or not logged into the dashboard.

Overwatch Technology is not just committed to reducing downtime—it’s committed to reducing your workload and stress level.

  • Thorough availability coverage
  • No configurations required for new servers
  • Fast detection of issues via email or text message notifications