Patch Management

Automate the entire process of monitoring and deploying patches for Windows, Office, and other applications.

Networks that are missing security patches are vulnerable to security breaches. And while Patch Management is ultra-important, it can be ultra-tedious as well. Overwatch Technology makes it ultra-easy by automating the entire process. Everything from downloading and deployment of missing patches to remediation is handled efficiently. Servers, desktops or notebooks, Overwatch Technology has it covered. Additional features include patching Windows as well as Microsoft and non-Microsoft applications (Adobe, Mozilla, Java Runtime, etc.). And with Macs flooding into offices around the globe, company’s will be happy to know that Overwatch Technology is also schooled in the fine art of performing OS X updates along with updates to third-party Mac applications. Whatever the platform, the dashboard will notify when updates to existing software are available and when vendors have indicated that the patches are critical.

Increased user productivity is another happy by-product since Overwatch Technology ensures that applications are compatible with each other, limiting pesky conflicts or crashes. What’s more, integration with Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) is part of the package. So, if a company’s computers and servers are configured to get a WSUS repository, only those patches approved by the admin will be updated.

Improve security, increase user productivity, and save a boatload of time with Patch Management, Overwatch Technology style.

  • Automatically monitor for new patches and updates
  • Automatically deploy patches
  • Update applications on Windows and OS X
  • WSUS integration (not required)