Network Management

Monitor your LAN and IP, analyze traffic, and handle VPN and SMTP related services with less stress and more reliability.

Managing a network is a big job with, at times, big problems. When these big problems unexpectedly materialize, remaining calm—not to mention sane—is no small feat. If our clients are in the market for less stress and more reliability, Overwatch Technology has the panacea.

Our cloud and agent-based Network Management system can track real-time, granular information in the ever-evolving IT environment. We have a superhuman set of powerful tools that enable our clients to monitor LAN and IP, analyze traffic, handle VPN and SMTP related services, and generate nifty network maps. And it all comes together clearly and concisely in a convenient, centralized hub that we’ve cleverly dubbed the Dashboard.

  • LAN Management— Enhance the efficiency and accuracy of your network plus improve overall availability.
  • Traffic Analysis—View your network traffic visually to better understand usage and flow.
  • VPN & SMTP Monitoring—Keep control of VPN and SMTP related services by monitoring performance and user experience in real time.
  • IP Monitor—Monitor your websites and servers from multiple locations on the Internet.
  • Network Maps—Get an updated, interactive map that allows you to dive deep into your network and manage it with the greatest of ease.