Email Services

Make sure your SMTP server is available, replying, and not configured as an Open Relay.

Email is a company’s lifeblood—it’s the main internal and external line of communications. Unfortunately, bloodsuckers galore are out there, seeking to sever those lines.

Overwatch Technology is constantly on the prowl to make certain that our clients SMTP server is available and replying, their SMTP DNS name is not blacklisted, and their SMTP server is not configured as an Open Relay, thereby avoiding the aforementioned blacklisting.

What makes Overwatch Technology’s email monitoring monumentally better than any other is that it keeps tabs on SMTP service from the “outside,” which provides inherently more authenticity than in-house monitoring. And if SMTP service is ever unavailable, we’ll fix it ASAP, negating the need for a user to report it.

It’s worth repeating. Overwatch Technology reduces email downtime and repels spammers.

  • Keep SMTP server available and replying
  • Avoid blacklisting
  • Reduce email downtime