Availability Monitoring

Keep tabs on everything from servers and computers to email services and peripherals to keep your network problem-free.

Our dependable cloud-based solution delivers first-rate Availability Management and Monitoring to make certain that networks operate problem-free around the clock.

The ever-present Overwatch Technology Dashboard keeps tabs on everything from servers, computers, network devices, and printers to email services, peripherals, and websites. This all-inclusive system, which identifies and corrects potential issues before they cause serious damage, is designed with ultimate uptime in mind.

  • Servers—Keep tabs on your server’s responsiveness and available disk space in an effort to reduce downtime.
  • Computers— Check all computers for overloaded processors and adapter errors to improve productivity.
  • Network Devices—All Simple Network Management Protocol devices can be monitored for availability without time-intensive configurations.
  • Printers—Track printer usage and status, monitor printers to ensure they are online, and proactively cut problems off at the pass.
  • Email Services—Make sure your SMTP server is available, replying, and not configured as an Open Relay.
  • Peripherals—Certify that your NAS devices and UPS are up and running to maintain valuable uptime.
  • Websites & Domains—Improve website uptime, keep domains from expiring, and track service level agreements.
  • Notifications, Reports and Dashboards–Gain insight into and control of your network.