Effectively manage your servers and establish remote control server connections.

Managing servers can be a dirty job. Overwatch Technology helps clean up by simplifying the entire process.

Our clients get smart with an abundance of relevant information at their fingertips, including which domains servers belong to, online/offline status, models, manufacturers, and operating systems. They get even smarter by zeroing in on all sorts of nitty-gritty granular details like log-on history, location on map, installed software, and service agreements.

Clients will be able to push the server envelope even further by tracking disk, processor, memory, and power usage along with quickly and accurately producing asset reports to satisfy the needs of accounting executives and other head honchos. In addition, they have the coveted capability of establishing remote control connections to servers.

Best of all, new servers require no configurations. Our system’s intelligent back-end automatically detects which machine the agent is installed on and knows exactly what to track.

If clients are looking to effectively manage their servers, we’re at your service.

  • Track disk, processor, memory, and power usage
  • Establish remote control server connections
  • No need to configure new servers