Asset Management

Old school Asset Management systems are challenging and clunky, not to mention time, and money consuming. Hardware and software inventory of servers, workstations, and laptops has to be taken on every network. And if that network has more than 20 machines or an array of machines in various locations, well, you do the math.

Leave that old school methodology in the dust and go to the head of the class with Overwatch Technology. Our cloud-based Asset Management system enables clients to access vast amounts of information of the granular kind to track every hardware set-up and software detail. And because it’s fully automated, clients will graduate to a more efficient and cost-effective way of managing your assets.

  • Computers—Track network computers and standalone machines to gain access to more detailed information.
  • Servers—Effectively manage your servers and establish remote control server connections.
  • Virtual Machines—Attain an outstanding overview of everything from manufacturers to models to operating systems.
  • Peripherals—Automatically track all peripherals as assets and eliminate the need for physically checking switches.
  • Software—Save money by tracking unused licensed software and automatically update software asset management inventory.
  • Users—Delve deep into user usage history and save invaluable user inventory updating time.
  • Asset Reports—Easily pull hardware, software, and user reports to track assets and changes.