Track network computers assets and standalone machines to gain access to more detailed information.

There’s no such thing as too much information when it comes to the computers for which or clients are responsible. That said, Overwatch Technology will see to it that our clients are real know-it-alls.

First off, clients have the power to oversee all the computers in their network plus standalone machines—thanks to our agile agent-to-cloud architecture. Next, they will be able to dive deep into individual computers and surface with more granular information. Discover specific hardware details, types of software installed, and such inside network information as IP, gateway, and netmask. Clients can also track disk, processor, memory, and power usage as well as establish remote control connections.

With this plethora of pertinent information, clients will have no trouble keeping end-users’ computers up-to-date to meet any and all new requirements. And they will save a boatload of time because they will be at the ready with everything from serial numbers for supportive vendors, to asset reports for close personal friends in accounting.

Regarding the tracking of computers, Overwatch Technology’s philosophy is simple: Just say know.

  • Track network computers and standalone machines
  • Gain access to more granular information
  • Keep end-users’ computers current